It was during a mountain tour on a cold and stormy but sunny spring day in 2017 when the idea was born to create mountain sports equipment. Focusing on what is really needed, functionality, reliability and durability in line with a strong commitment to the environment. One can truly say that NEUALP is “Mountain born”.

Here at NEUALP it’s all about mountains and mountain sports, be it climbing, alpine mountaineering, trekking or skiing. What drives us is to provide you with the best possible equipment that will support you in all your sporting activities. One you can always count on.

To ensure this, we rely on the expertise of mountain athletes, our product designers’ attention to detail and know-how as well as the use of advanced materials and methods. Our designers develop and test new products together with experienced mountaineers whose direct feedback shapes our products and their functionality. Our aspiration is to create products that work reliably even in extreme conditions.

NEUALP [PLAUEN] is based in Germany, in the Vogtland with its mountains, rocks and valleys, a region that blends tradition with an innovative spirit. Founded by passionate globetrotters and alpinists, from the very beginning NEUALP has been an international project with close ties to partners and like-minded people from around the world.


The NEUALP team