A few weeks ago, Robert left Germany along with his camera for a climbing trip to El Chorro, one of the most famous sport climbing areas in Europe. We use this as an opportunity to take a closer look at this climbing region for you.


El Chorro is one of the largest and most popular climbing destinations in Spain. The deeply cut limestone gorge, about 50 km away from the coastal city of Málaga, is a popular travel destination for climbers in the colder seasons due to its varied rocks, the mild climate and the many accommodations. Here you can meet mountain sports enthusiasts from all over the world.



The El Chorro Gorge



Despite the fact that you could basically climb here all year round, it is still a typical winter climbing area, as it is much too hot for climbing on the mostly south-facing rocks in the summer. The main season for climbers is therefore the period from October to March/April. However, it can get quite chilly on windy and cloudy or even rainy days.



Udo belaying a friend 



The huge limestone gorge of El Chorro, cut by the Guadalhorce River, with crags up to 300 m in height, offers a wide range of established, easily accessible climbing routes with different levels of difficulty. The more than a thousand routes make it a perfect place for every kind of climbing, from slab climbing to multi-pitch climbing. One of the most popular multi-pitch routes is the Amptrax on the main rock face Las Frontales. 



A beautiful sunset after a day full of adventures



Also the stunning and diverse landscape around El Chorro has a lot to offer for climbers. Close by one can find the so-called Arabian stairs (Escalera Arabe), which can easily be reached via a hiking trail from El Chorro.



Svenja enoying the mountain view (Escalera Arabe)



Still in the region, but a little further away, is the nature reserve El Torcal. Its karst landscape is somewhat reminiscent of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains near Dresden in Germany, although these rock formations are of limestone.



The karst landscape of El Torcal



This region in the province of Málaga, not far from the Costa del Sol, offers ideal climbing conditions for both beginners and advanced climbers. But the breathtaking and diverse landscape of El Chorro and its surroundings make it a perfect place also for hikers, mountain bikers and campers.



Sascha Eichelkraut


Photos © Robert Lohse


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